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Brief Introduction   
China National Geological & Mining Corporation (^CGM ̄), a state-owned enterprise which was formerly directly subordinate to former Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources and Ministry of Land and Resources of the People's Republic of China, is currently subordinate to China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group. As an enterprise subordinate to the central government, CGM has, with abundant strength in geological & mining industry and decades of exploration achievements, been engaged in businesses covering geological prospecting, mining development, mineral property commercial transaction, geologic hazard control, international geological & mining engineering, and mineral product trading etc. CGM is certified and licensed with following qualifications and competences for projects at home and abroad: mining development, geological and mining engineering contracting, geological prospecting, geologic hazard control, as well as import and export trading, and possesses a well-structured group of high level experts in various specialties and a management team with high-grade competency. As a national high-tech enterprise, CGM constantly optimizes its operation structure, changes its development mode, and perfects its technological innovation system while sticking to the general policy of focus on economic and social benefits driven by technological innovation. Targeted at on both domestic and overseas market, CGM positively carries out "going-out" strategy with business footprints extended to Asia, Africa, Oceania, North America, South America, and key areas of China. The strong pass of the enemy is like a wall of iron, yet with firm strides, we are conquering its summit. Standing at a higher starting point, CGM will inherit and develop the excellent tradition and the spirit of being pragmatic and enterprising of the geological system for leap-forward development to build itself into a leading international mining corporation in China.
     China National geological & Mining Corp.(CGM), is getting stronger and stronger after several years hard working. CGM devotes in the three main businesses, geological Exploration, mining exploitation and mineral products trade, and is on the way to grow into a professional enterprise which has the business with its own characteristic, has the market with its own orientation.
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